An Irishman in Beijing

July 28, 2008

Move over Frodders.

Lonely Planet:  find a friend.

2 of my China travel books.

2 of my China travel books.

 I’ve got a new travel guide and it’s providing me with a uniquely Irish perspective on China.

My Aunt Enda lives in a small village called Rathdrum on the east coast of Ireland in County Wicklow.

She’ s a loyal reader of Deirdre’s Diary.  Truthfully, she’s kind of a online stalker.  Not in a NBC Dateline Chris Hansen kind of a way.  More like a “let’s tell everyone in the Rathdrum pubs about my niece’s blog” kind of way.

In fact, I credit Enda for the global success of my blog.  So does she.

Check out what Enda sent me for my birthday.

 It was the perfect birthday present.
Read the first line and you’ll see why this book spoke to me like no other travel book has!
The 1st line of Beijing For Beginners.

The 1st line of Beijing For Beginners.


From iDiscus to iPhone

July 13, 2008

Stephanie Brown Trafton stopped by Friday morning during our morning news.  She’s fresh off the Olympic Track and Field Trials where she earned her second trip to the Olympics with a bronze finish in discus.  By the sound of it, she can pitch as fast as she can throw.   

The payoff comes at the end when you’ll see iPhone mania is even getting to the fittest people on the planet.